Why Lawtoons?

Graphics are one of the oldest forms of story-telling known to human civilization and communicate effectively to people of all ages.

The useful information about citizenship, democracy, laws and rights that children learn in their schools through the civics curriculum is often passed off as ‘dull and boring’. Even upon growing up, an individual is likely to be intimidated by the bulky law books full of legal jargons. This unfortunately, results in a society where most people find it difficult to relate to the idea of laws and legal systems, and feel disconnected.

Lawtoons is one of its kind project that uses illustrations to make the laws and legal rights easier to understand as well as fun to learn. Through the medium of comics and storytelling, we create Lawtoons, which children and grown-ups really enjoy reading.



How the funds will be used

The funds donated by you will be used to create a set of total 5 comics containing fundamental rights covered under the Indian Constitution.

We are working very hard towards this end and hoping to finish the compendium by October 2015!

How to contribute

Lawtoons is truly a crowdfunded project and we would love to keep it that way!

Our first successful crowdfunding campaign has enabled us to create the volume of the Lawtoons on Right to Equality and Freedom of Speech. There are so many laws and many more Lawtoons to create! For this, we need your continued support.

We have begun another crowdfunding effort on: milaap.org/campaigns/lawtoons

Your help towards this innovative mission would help thousands of children get better understanding of laws and rights.