Would you like to meet the characters?



Meet Pugloo – oops, sorry, we mean, Parth Joshi! But that’s ok, you can call him Pugloo – everyone does. Well, every one, except his grandmother, of course!

Pugloo is ten years old, and lives in Ahmedabad. He is studying in the fifth standard at Kendriya Vidyalaya, and is one of the naughtiest children in his class. Pugloo lives with his parents, grandmother, and his only real friend – his dog, Sinsin!



Here is our friendly-neighbourhood genie – sorry, a judge – no, a genie – a judge? Judgni!!!

Judgni has quite an enigmatic aura around him – too bad only a few can actually see him! He takes his liberty to appear in our human world at the most random times very seriously and believes Pugloo to be his responsibility! Oh boy!



Shasikala devi Joshi is Pugloo’s grandmother. She would have made the perfect detective, for the sense of curiosity that she has. She has had a traditional upbringing, and at heart, she has a strong liking for all things that money can buy. For this reason, she had disagreements with Pugloo’s grandfather, who believed in sacrificing material happiness for the welfare for society at large.


Rufloo and Bozi

Roshan (Rufloo) and Barkha (Bozi) are Pugloo’s classmates and most of the times, friends!

While Rufloo is a partner-in-crime for Pugloo’s pranks, he is secretly afraid of Sinsin, and everyone in class (except for Pugloo) is secretly afraid of Bozi!

Bozi is the one to watch out - she is a stickler for truth, while for Rufloo, life is a one big party!



Sinsin Joshi is Pugloo’s pet dog, and his closest companion. All of three years old, Sinsin has learnt Pugloo’s ways to create a menace, and actively participates. But Sinsin is a wise soul! He can read people’s thoughts and their intentions. Pugloo treats Sinsin as his own baby, but in reality, Sinsin is much more mature!