Insights Into The Comics

Fundamental Rights

What are the things that make your life worth living? Is it a television, books, food, friends, family? And what if you don’t have any of them? Can you demand some of the most important things to you in life from anyone?

Countries over the years have agreed that there are certain things that make a human life more meaningful. We call them ‘rights’. Rights, in some sense, are like superpowers that no one can take away from you.


Issue 2 - Equality

All of us are born different. Some of us have long hair, some of us have short hair. Some of us like to eat chocolates, some of us like to watch movies. Some of us have more money than others. But then, does it mean that some lives are more important than others?

Imagine if only those who have pimples on their face are allowed to play sports, or if only one has a younger sister that one can buy a chocolate. Would that be wrong? Why? Is there something that we share in common? Something that is more important than the length of one’s hair, or likes or dislikes?